Nestled in the heart of downtown Kansas City, where modernity meets sophistication, stands at 1100 Main St.—home to the lightwell building. A beacon of creativity, a hub for the innovative workforce, and the go-to destination for unforgettable events, just like yours. Discover the key features that make this venue a vibrant and distinctive choice for event organizers in downtown Kansas City. If you made it here, you’re looking for an event venue in Kansas City, let’s tell you why to consider The lightwell Gallery;

image of a wedding in downtown kansas city at the lightwell Gallery venue

The lightwell Gallery offers a curated experience, celebrating wellness and providing diverse food and beverage options. It stands as a testament to contemporary workplace design, making it an attractive destination for corporate events, weddings, and everything in between. With a maximum capacity of 438 in its 13,000 sq ft space, the lightwell is more than just an event venue—it’s a canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant colors of your unique celebration.

The versatility of The lightwell Gallery is unparalleled. From corporate networking events and charity galas to workshops, weddings, and team happy hours, this venue caters to a diverse array of event types. Yoga and fitness enthusiasts can also find their haven here, as the lightwell welcomes a variety of activities to its modern and sleek spaces.

Spaces that Inspire:

Stepping into The lightwell Gallery, guests are greeted by gallery-style artwork from Haw Contemporary, setting the tone for a sophisticated and inspiring experience. Numerous conference rooms provide flexibility for various event setups, ensuring that each occasion is a vibrant and dynamic affair. With the streetcar stop just steps away, transportation to and from the venue is convenient for all attendees.

Services that Exceed Expectations:

The lightwell Gallery staff takes pride in handling many of the aspects for event preparation, from setup to the smallest details. An on-site coordinator ensures seamless execution, while the inventory of tables, chairs, high tops, and portables offers endless possibilities for event customization. The convenience of parking and on-site security guarantees a worry-free environment for hosts and attendees alike.

Attractions Beyond The lightwell Gallery:

Beyond the walls of the lightwell building, downtown Kansas City unfolds with a myriad of attractions. From the T-Mobile Center and Power & Light District to Berkley Riverfront Park, the Historic West Bottoms, City Market, and Union Station, attendees can immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of the city before or after events. That being said, if your party wants to carry on to the after party for a final final, plenty of options are in walking distance. Numerous hotels that you can partner with for a wedding and any traveling guests within walking distance of our building.

Culinary Delights:

What’s an event without exceptional food and beverage offerings? The lightwell Gallery is home to Strang Chef Collective, boasting two chef-driven restaurants under one roof. Prefix Coffee ensures your caffeine needs are met, and for those with specific culinary desires, the venue’s team is ready to share their preferred vendor list. These two are typically open during the office hours and you are not required to use them. Contact us today for our preferred list.

As you plan your next corporate gathering, wedding, or special event, consider the lightwell building as your canvas. Elevate your experience in downtown Kansas City, where modernity, sophistication, and a touch of local charm converge. The lightwell Gallery is not just an event venue; it’s a destination that leaves a lasting impression, ensuring your event is remembered long after the lights dim.

Book your next event at the lightwell building, and let the heart of downtown Kansas City be the backdrop for your unforgettable moments. Contact us today!



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